Monday, November 9, 2009

basic differences

So, some essential differences between Alaska and India

  • Food. not just the style, but the quantity. Did you think Asians didn't eat much? You were wrong. And no matter how full you think you are, and how much you don't want to will.
  • Not only will you eat, but you will do it with your hands. it's surprisingly easy.
  • You WILL get up early. by like, 8.
  • No one really follows the traffic rules. Wait, what traffic rules?
  • showing up early, or even on time..isn't really necessary. being a good 15 minutes late (at the VERY least) is probably good timing.
  • Also, don't get stuck on one idea of a plan. because, it will change, and very possibly canceled.
  • Tea/coffee, ALL the time.
  • Napping is very common. I normally take one or sometimes two naps in a day. :)
  • It's good to go everywhere with a friend. Even to someone else's house. because often, they will start to talk in their own language (hindi, marathi, whatever) and then you'll be left with NOTHING to do.
  • Anything above the knee, or showing shoulder or collarbone is..questionable.
  • Sex, dating, physical contact between genders, generally not done. at all. ever. except on TV, and then often it gets WAY worse than we would ever expect on our tv's even.
  • Indian to hold hands. with eachother. a lot.
  • People will interrupt you, all the time, and it's not really rude. Also, it's acceptable to answer your cellphone at essentially ANY time.
  • Also, people will tell you if you're fat, or need to lose weight, or look really bad today, or anything. It's not really rude either, they're just being excessively honest.
  • Cereal. With hot milk.
  • Coconut oil and eucalyptus oil help EVERYTHING.
  • ketchup. on everything. and it's called sauce
  • You'll start obsessing over costs. as in "that cup of chai was FORTY rupees!". yeah, that's 80 cents. and a total ripoff
  • the sign for "come here" is the american sign for "goodbye"
Yup. So that's sort of how it goes down in India. a little bit.