Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm a liar. But finally, I am leaving!

Soo basically I lied in my last post. I thought I would be leaving the 16th of July, but now I leave (officially!) the 20th of August.
Here is my itinerary, in case you were curious:
Leave: Anchorage - 12:50 AM, Aug 20
Arrive: Portland - 5:35 AM Aug 20

Leave: Portland - 12:00 Noon, Aug 20
Arrive: Amsterdam - 7:35 AM, Aug 21

Leave: Amsterdam - 10:20 AM, Aug 21
Arrive: Mumbai - 11:15 PM, Aug 21

And then I figure I have to get to Pune, which is close ish (relatively), but I don't know how I get there...train maybe?

I've been having an awesome time this past month or so, spending every moment with friends, I've been out so much, soaking up sun, memories, friendships. I thought I was ready to go, even when it seemed close before, but now I feel totally unprepared to go. It's suddenly too close, to much, and yet not close enough. I don't think it can be close enough until I can smell and touch India, dance in the monsoon rains, absorb it all. I want to suck it all in, until it is a part of me and I am a part of it, forever and ever and ever.

People tell me that you either love or hate India, and if you love it, it just absorbs your soul and you never are the same, or you discover that the madness and mayhem are too much for you. Perhaps I am hoping for too much, I have set my sights too high, but I already feel in love with India.

My host brother, Sagar, is going to Kodiak this year for exchange (Kodiak is a large island in Alaska, about a 13 hour ferry ride south of Homer), and will be arriving in Alaska on Friday. My mom and I are going to go meet him in Anchorage this weekend, let him get a little bit of a taste for Alaska, and America, as well as meet me, so that we don't totally miss meeting eachother. I'm pretty stoked to meet him, he seems pretty cool.

I don't know how much time I will have for blogging in this next week, but if there are any significant updates I will let everyone know. Perhaps I shall blog about Sagar after our meeting. :)

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