Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Departure is approaching!

So this is my new and improved blog, with the URL spelled right. My apologies for changing it, but bad spelling is my ultimate pet peeve.

For those of you who weren't reading my previous blog (with the misspelled URL), I am Ruby Quarton from Homer, Alaska, and will be going on foreign exchange to Pune, India, with the Rotary Club.

So, on to the exciting business! Departure is rapidly approaching, hopefully. I could be leaving anywhere from 2-4 weeks, if everything goes perfectly, but I still haven't received my visa application papers, which is upsetting but not unexpected. My host family seems absolutely perfect, I don't think I could have gotten a better one. My host dad, Kishor, is a photographer and has volunteered to give me photography lessons, as well as take me on tours of a bunch of really big companies he makes documentaries for, such as PARI (robotics) Dynamic Dairies (dairy, obviously..I hope) Tropicana, and Bajaj Autos (biking). I will still be attending Symbiosis Institute, which has about 1500 students, and is an amazing international school.

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